Prayer Requests

  • Recently, vandals burned down the Jack in the Box managed by Oscar Menendez, a member of our congregation. Pray that he finds new work.
  • The daughter of Kash Dupree has found herself in difficult times and is in jail for amoral acts. Pray for her return to the Path of God.
  • Please pray for the members of the Church of Human Emancipation that they might find the Light of the Lord in their life. They have lost their leader and their way. Pray for them to regain the latter.
  • Connie Dobbs is in the hospital for woman troubles. Pray for her health.
  • In Nevada we left behind Norman Wallace who has started his own congregation. Pray for their sucess.
  • Jacob O'Malley was killed in a gang related shooting. He was a friend of Rev. White. Pray that God leads a good man's soul to heaven.
  • Please pray for the young couple who recently visited me that their marriage become strong and healthy in the Light of the Lord.

Welcome fellow seekers of the Truth to the website for the Starlit Gospel Congregation. My name is Reverend Jerry White, and I would like to extend an open invitation to all folks to join us in our nightly celebrations of the Lord and Fellowship in the Truth.

By far the most common question asked of our brothers and sisters, the answer is quite simple. The Lord is awake at all times, and either due to secular reasons (jobs, family or other duties) or simply due to nature, some folk are unable to attend regular services during daylight hours. The Lord opened my eyes many years ago to make these fine individuals my mission here on Earth. We come together to celebrate under His Glory under the light of the moon and stars and the presence of the Lord. Praise be!

The Starlit Gospel Congregation is a roaming congregation in the classic revival style. We have a large tent that is moves around the country finding and providing for those of a noctournal persuasion. We are currently located in California, doing the Lord's work near the Stockton area. A recorded message playing back the current locale of services can be reached at (407) 555-4711. Much thanks goes to the wonderful Edna Humphries for maintaining this service for us for the past 23 years, and we all lend her our Prayers for her ailing husbund, Barry.